Scam Alert

Scam Alert

Since the pandemic, we have discovered fraudulent and criminal activity. Please be aware when purchasing potential false claims of our products as these diminish the value and integrity of our brand. Cranberry does not authorize use of our trademark to any third party manufacturing facility, nor do we authorize any oversea distributors for sales or allocation to the US. Only authorized distributor or approved/verified buyer have access to Cranberry product.

Notice June 2021

It has come to our attention of unauthorized Evolve nitrile gloves in 100 count per box has entered into the US market. Please note that these gloves are not intended for the US market and are effectively grey market and were not import through official channels. This means the Evolve 100 nitrile cannot be verified in compliance for use in any US medical settings. We encourage anyone that are solicited these gloves to avoid them. Only Evolve 300 nitrile through official distributors are authorized for sale in the US market.

Scam Alert

Don’t Be A Scam Victim

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has sparked skyrocketing demand for PPE items such as examination gloves and face masks. A rise in fraudulent and scam opportunities has emerged as a new epidemic against that everyone must be alerted.

Global Leader

PPE Manufacturing and Sales

As a global leader in PPE manufacturing and sales, Cranberry’s number one priority is to ensure the safety of its products. Therefore, we at Cranberry remind everyone that we do not authorize the use of its trademark to and any third-party manufacturing facility, nor do we authorize any oversea distributors for sales or allocation to the United States. Only official distributors in the US have direct authorization to sell Cranberry products.

What You Need To Watch Out For

Cranberry does not use any third-party brokers, nor do we appoint any agent or representative to deal with securing allotments. Do not work with any individuals, agents, or companies claiming to represent Cranberry or have access to Cranberry products that are not authorized from our list of US distributors.

All export sales of Cranberry gloves and masks are handled directly by Cranberry. All international Cranberry distributors are only allowed to sell Cranberry products within their designated country or region.

Whether you have been approached from a great sales pitch from a legitimate website such as LinkedIn, or a thematic business site, chances are it’s too good to be true. Result? Fraudulent offers from ghost businesses that have no history and never existed before the pandemic.

Always carry out due diligence on the background of the seller/company, obtain proof of product and background business history.

It is not uncommon for fraudsters to claim they can procure 1 million to over 1 trillion boxes of products available. Beware of astronomical numbers presented to you, normally this is a red flag that none of the quantity is real.

There are also fake and unofficial products coming into the market that may use our Cranberry brand name and logo. These products are made and distributed without the knowledge and consent of Cranberry.

If you suspect a product you received is fake, please do not hesitate to contact us and send pictures to:



Beware of the alphabet soup of abbreviations, this is always the first sign of fraud. Documentations such as bank confirmation letters, attorney letters confirming business entity, letters of credit, all can be fake and used to solicit information from you. Once provided, your personal information will then be used or sold for more fraudulent opportunities.

Please be cautious of the following fraudulent actions:


If you receive an email that you suspect is a fraud attempt, or you are unsure of an email’s legitimacy, please do not respond. Instead, contact for verification:



How to avoid fraudulent acts/scammers

DO NOT work with any agents claiming access to Cranberry products. Cranberry does not appoint any agent or representative to deal with our buyers. We only distribute our products through our official US dealers.

BEWARE OF Cranberry gloves soliciting on LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, or any social media platforms. Glove offers on these platforms are likely fraudulent/scams.

DO NOT work with agents from foreign countries that you are unfamiliar with. For official international distributors, please contact our international side for more information:

DO NOT transfer money to a third party or to any unauthorized bank. When in doubt, contact us for verification.