1 Direction™

1 Direction™

Minimized Contact, Maximized Protection

Cranberry gloves are equipped with our innovative 1 Direction™ packaging method. This design allows for hygienic glove application by dispensing each glove by the cuff, effectively minimizing direct contact with the finger and palm surfaces, which are considered high-contamination zones. This reduces the potential for cross-contamination and promotes adherence to infection prevention protocols.

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1. The dispensing system packs our gloves in One Direction which allows each glove to be dispensed by the cuff.

2. Unique one sided packaging opening allows easy dispensing from the cuff and individually.

3. Ensure that glove fingers and palm surface do not have direct skin contact during donning stage.

World Health Organization (WHO) Recommended Glove Donning & Removing Procedures

In healthcare settings, cross-contamination remains a critical concern, often influenced by inadequate glove dispensing and packaging designs. Cranberry introduces the 1Direction™ packaging system, featuring a novel, user-friendly dispensing mechanism that addresses this challenge.

Traditional methods for donning and removing gloves can inadvertently contribute to cross-contamination and bacterial transmission. The 1Direction™ packaging, with its unique design, demonstrably enhances hygiene and efficiency in healthcare environments.

How To Don Gloves

How To Remove Gloves