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January 1, 2022: Upgrade to ASTM Level 3

Due to shifting demand on product specifications to meet higher standards of protection, Cranberry is excited to announce that our S3 face masks are being upgraded to ASTM Level 3. All masks with production dates starting in December 2021 will receive the same quality, fit, and feel entrusted in our masks, now with level 3 protection.

Face Masks

S3 Offers ASTM Level 3 Protection

S3 face masks are designed with healthy skin in mind with exclusive S3 features that provide skin soothing benefits. S3 offers ASTM Level 3 protection and exceptional breathing efficiency with its exclusive Breath EZ® filter.

S3’s Quad-Fold® design provides 15% more breathing volume while the revolutionary CoolSilk® lint-free inner layer offers a cool and long-lasting soft feeling without fluffy irritation.

Secure Protection

Secure protection with 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and 98% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE).

Smooth Breathing

Breath EZ® filter delivers excellent breathing efficiency.

Soft Feeling

Revolutionary CoolSilk® lint-free inner layer provides a cool and long-lasting soft feeling without fluffy irritation.

S3050 Series

50 pieces per box and available in 2 colors.