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848 San Pablo Ave
Pinole, CA, 94564
United States

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Sample Pack Bundles

We know, we have a lot to choose from, just to make it easier for you, we pre-bundle our sample packs by:

Nitrile - New Bundle (Nitrile Powder-FreE Gloves)

  • Carbon

  • Crave

  • Transcend

Nitrile - Classic Bundle (Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves)

  • Curve Fitted

  • Evolve

  • Truly 200 LDP

Nitrile - Moisture Lock Bundle (Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves with Lanolin & Vitamin E)

  • Aqua Source

  • Crave

  • LUV

Latex Powder Free Bundle

  • Sigma

  • SilkCare

  • SilkCare Fitted

Chloroprene Powder Free Exam Gloves

  • AquaPrene

Face Masks - ASTM Level 2 Bundle

  • S3 Tie-On

  • S3 / S3 Mint - ( combined sample pack )

  • S3 C2 / S3 ACE - ( combined sample pack )

Face Masks - ASTM Level 3 Bundle

  • 360

  • Repel / Repel Anti-Fog - ( combined sample pack )

  • Carbon

Dental Dams Bundle 

  • Smart Dam latex - ( Spearmint Scented, Unscented )

  • Smart Dam non-latex - ( Spearmint Scented )

What's Included

  • All Cranberry products are medical/exam grade.

  • We only offer powder free gloves within the U.S. (click here to learn more about the FDA ban on powdered medical gloves).

  • Glove sample packs include one pair each of sizes small, medium and large.

  • Face mask sample packs include one mask of each available color.

  • All samples are subject to availability, while supplies last.

  • Limit one sample request per customer.

  • If a specific product is not listed to sample, please call us at (707) 553-6190

  • For Internet Explorer users, please use Microsoft Edge or other compatible browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

For special requests or detailed product information, please call our office at (888) 811-6839 to speak with a customer service representative.


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