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848 San Pablo Ave
Pinole, CA, 94564
United States

New Look


Selecting a glove is an important part of infection control. The gloves you choose must invoke a sense of cleanliness and protection, while offering an ease of use. 

So we set out and redesigned the look and functionality of our entire product line while maintaining the quality you'll love to use every day.



Larger Opening

Instead of a narrow opening, the new design is more circular to allow consistent glove extraction. The design of the opening strengthens the branding of the Cranberry logo.


Clearer Features

Product features wraps around the packaging to highlight key benefits.


Colors You Can See

No more guessing on the color of the gloves, a sample is shown on every front panel of the packaging.


Bigger Size Indicator

We have made the packaging easier to identify the sizing of our gloves. In fact, you can now find the size indicator on every panel.