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Cranberry's AquaPrene® chloroprene powder-free exam gloves are made from a synthetic material with a molecular structure closely mirroring natural rubber latex providing the comfort and feel of latex and the barrier and strength of nitrile.



Cranberry's AquaPrene® Chloroprene Powder-Free Exam Gloves are made from a synthetic material with a molecular structure closely mirroring natural rubber latex, combining the comfort of latex and the strength of nitrile.



Non-latex strength with latex-like comfort. Fingertip textured in an Aqua Blue color.


Super 200 Saver Pack reduces storage space and packaging waste.

3020 Series
200 pieces per box by weight

Available in sizes XS-XL
3025 (X-Small)
3026 (Small)
3027 (Medium)
3028 (Large)
3029 (X-Large)



Chloroprene, is also known as Neoprene (Polychloroprene), a natural rubber latex like synthetic material which provides strength, comfort and sensation like Latex and the elasticity of Nitrile.  

Comfort and Fit

Chloroprene provides comfort and fit. These are designed keeping in view the use of disposable gloves, improved expansion and  excellent fit. Its chemical qualities allow the best fit because of the lower modulus, which is the most important aspect to measure the quality, comfort and performance. The lower modulus allows coziness and aptness, the softer it is, the more elastic the glove hence improving the performance and reducing the hand tiredness.

Stretch and Strength

Chloroprene, due to its chemical structure is very similar to Natural Rubber, it has much more the same flexibility, tensile strength, and durability as a latex glove. (Chloroprene elongation and tensile strength both exceed Nitrile and is slightly lower than Natural Rubber.)

Barrier Resistance

Chloroprene gloves are the end product of extensive R&D design to provide protection from toxic chemicals, abrasive and corrosive substances, as well as kind of infectious and harmful materials. Chloroprene gloves are passed by independent testing laboratories to EN and ASTM tear and puncture-resistance standards and approved for medical use (FDA 510k).